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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Training Plan for 2 Halfs in 2 Days

Let the training begin!

We are about 12 weeks out from the I-35 Challenge and I am really excited to start training. The problem is that it is hard to find a training plan designed for running two half marathons in one weekend. Most of the "back-to-back races" searches that I have done online these last few weeks have led me to training plans and advice for running to full or two half marathons on consecutive weekends, but not two races in one weekend. 

As I designed my plan, I had to consider (1) my running patterns and (2) my goals for these two races.

My Running Patterns.
I usually run 15 miles per week when I am not training for a race. To prepare for training, I have run around 20 miles the last few weeks so that I am ready to begin my plan by slowly increasing my mileage. I tend to run in the mornings and do have young children that can't be left alone so when I run, I have to consider getting back in time to get myself, them and my husband all to work by 8 am. Therefore I am planning on running most of my longer runs on the weekends when I have more flexibility. Also, I have decided to increase my number of medium runs and only max out to 11 miles, as this will tend to give me shorter overall time frames where I need to be out running but I will still get significant mileage in.

My Goals.
My previous half marathons have all ranged from 1:55 to 1:59 finishing times. I would like to beat my previous times when I run the first leg of the I-35 Challenge, the Waddell and Reed KC Half Marathon, and I'd like to keep my second race, the IMT Des Moines Marathon, time at sub 2 hours. I have never run either of these half marathon courses so I will need to study the routes closely to help me reach these goals.

My training plan.

Other Considerations.
I am fine with adjusting my training plan as needed as long as I roughly meet the total miles planned each week. I have decided to run four back-to-back weekends in my plan because I am usually sore, sometimes have GI issues after long runs, and am tired for a few days after I run halfs and fulls. With no rest day after the first half marathon, I will need to practice and teach my body to be able to work through those issues in order to be able to run the 2nd half of the I-35 Challenge while reaching my goal time.

So there you have it. I am currently in my last prep week on the plan I posted here, and officially begin my 12 week training plan this coming weekend.

My plan may be a good starting point for you to follow as you take the I-35 Challenge, but you will want to consider your own running patterns and goals as you create your own specific regimen.

Although we all have the same love for the sport, it's important to remember that every runner is different.

About me: Although I am a Kansas Citian now, I was once a North Iowa girl, hailing from a little town called Rudd near Mason City. I am a runner of about three years, although I have always enjoyed being active through walking as well as participating in boot camp and other similar classes. Through running I have discovered a love that I did not know existed. Growing up I was never the most athletic person on the team and I always had to work hard to be average, but as an adult I have realized that I have skill in endurance running and I absolutely love it. I am not the fastest runner out there, but I am not the slowest either. In addition to being a runner, I am a college instructor, wife and mother to three children aged 3, 5, and 7 years. I have a personal blog at and can also be found on Twitter and Instagram @mamagottarun. This is my second year participating in the IMT DMM races

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